Albert Eustace, Eagle, Fetish, Sandstone, Turquoise, Zuni, Handmade, 3.25

Tribe Zuni
Age Group Adult
Artist Eustace, Albert
Age Circa 2010's
Item Weight 0.8
Width 2
Height 3.25
Fetish Type Eagle - Represents the ideas Above, Spirit, Balance, Dignity, and is associated with multi-colored stone
Figurine Color natural
Figurine Style southwestern
Gender Unisex
Figurine Material Type Stone

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In the Zuni culture all beings belong to one system, whether they are supernatural, animal, or human. The human is the most complete or finished in this system. Animals and the elements are more mysterious and powerful because we do not possess or understand some of their powers. The Zuni uses the Fetish so he can control or understand those powers beyond his own. They are considered a living thing and are cared for and fed between ceremonies. If an object possess a power it is a fetish, if not a carving. That I imagine is left up to your own beliefs. Fetishes are used for many different things. A popular use of fetishes are for hunting, protection, healing, and initiations. The Perry Null Trading Post is on the Zuni Highway and we get a nice assortment of Zuni fetishes. We purchase them directly from the artist. In our listings we try to give you the artist name or initials on the piece and the proper stone. Look through our collection, some interesting and nice pieces.

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