Alex Sanchez, Rock Art Style Sterling Silver Buckle, Turquoise, Navajo

It depends on what side of the fence you stand. The Navajo Reservation is rich in natural resources and low on jobs. Many on the outside don't understand why that natural resource won't be exploited for employment and financial gains. While most on the inside realize it most likely will not lead to a prosperous future and possibly leaves behind a mess that is beyond financial fixing. That is why the Navajo want to so badly hold on to their culture, it is the one thing that is certain. Navajo artist Alex Sanchez always displays his culture in his storytelling work. This buckle is a collage of rock art symbols that displays two gorgeous Kingman Turquoise stones in one corner. Remember, this buckle looks great on either side of the fence.
Age GroupAdult
ArtistSanchez, Alex
AgeCirca 2010's
Item Weight0.49
Belt Leather Width1.25
Gap in Cuff Style Braceletn/a
Widest Point on Bracelet Bandn/a
Gemtype Stone Shapeirregular-shape
Number of Stones2
Necklace Chain Typeother-chain-type
Weight Grams73
Main StoneKingman Turquoise
MetalSterling Silver
Size2 1/4" H x 2 7/8" W

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