April Haloo, Bracelet, Turquoise, 200 Stones, Snake Eye, Zuni Handmade, 6.5 in

Zuni artist April Haloo is the daughter of Peter & Vivian and carries on the family tradition of amazing Snake Eye jewelry. This family has been making these pieces for decades and has perfected the snake eye style. April is extremely patient and has steady hands that have placed the 200 stones in perfectly straight rows. Each stone is a piece of gorgeous blue Sleeping Beauty Turquoise that have been hand shaped, and you will find silver drops separating every piece of stone. If you have never tried a piece of Haloo jewelry on, believe me when I say the look is striking. You look at the bracelet and can?۪t imagine how they grind the stones so small, and then are capable of putting bezel around them. A piece of handmade Zuni wearable art that you are sure to treasure forever.
Haloo, April
Tribal Affiliation
Bracelet Wrist Size
Gap in Cuff Style Bracelet
Widest Point on Bracelet Band
Main Stone

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