Beverly Garcia, Acoma Pottery, Jar, Hand Coiled, Bird Design 8.5 in x 9 in

Acoma pottery artist Beverly Garcia has brought the Trading Post several impressive pieces of pottery. She fills her work with a variety of designs and color combinations. Beverly can do those magical straight black lines, or paint a parrot into her pottery. Take one look inside her jars and you can see how her hands shaped the wet clay. We usually have a nice selection of her work, and her prices are always reasonable. You could start your collection with a piece of legendary Acoma pottery.
ArtistGarcia, B.D
AgeCirca 2010's
Item Weight2
Gap in Cuff Style Braceletn/a
Widest Point on Bracelet Bandn/a
Pottery FiringKiln Fired
Pottery PeriodContemporary (1990 - Present)
Pottery DesignBowl
Pottery TypeHand Coiled

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