At least we still have Gallup, New Mexico

Things change, it is the age of the big box store and chain restaurants. Gallup, New Mexico has to have one of the busiest Wal-Marts in the world. This beast sells and sells and sells and sells and sells, never seeming to slow. If you are traveling through town on I-40 and get hungry don’t worry because we have Applebee’s, Cracker Barrel, and the other same eats you find across the country. What can you say, part-time minimum wage jobs and consuming things made overseas seems to be our country’s economic recovery model.

Gallup, New Mexico

You don’t have to shop at the Big Box when you visit Gallup, New Mexico

At least we still have places like Gallup, New Mexico. Even though Gallup has those identical stores your town has, we also have something a little different. Gallup is home to a thriving cottage industry that has a large percentage of the area’s population involved, authentic Native American arts. The surrounding communities on the Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni Reservations are filled with artists, and Gallup, New Mexico serves as the place to sell your art and the purchase of supplies for these artists. This unique industry brings people from all over the world to Gallup.

Navajo Artist

Handmade in America

The best thing about authentic Native American art is that it makes the economy work. Some of the best employers in town are involved in the arts and pay significantly more than the known name boxes. Plus, it offers some of our local stores the chance to expand to different markets. You will find supply houses in Albuquerque that originated in Gallup, New Mexico and several galleries in Santa Fe, Scottsdale, and other Native American tourist destinations have roots that began in Gallup. Also, lets not forget about the craftsman. Many artists make a very good living and are allowed the freedom to work as much or as little as they please. How about the unknown artists? The industry provides enough opportunities for those wanting to make part-time cash. It is the First American way.

Navajo Silversmith

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