Badger Zuni Fetish Meaning

Badger Zuni Fetish Meaning

The Badger is the guardian and master of the South. In Zuni culture a fetish represents the animal spirit thought to reside in the stone. He is usually represented by the color red. He is part of the healing and protective fetish sets. The Badger is a prey god, the younger brother of the bear. What is the Badger Zuni Fetish Meaning? Because he lives close to the ground he has a great knowledge of the earth, understanding of agriculture, and it is believed that he has knowledge of healing roots and herbs. He is characterized by tenaciousness, passion, control, persistence and earthiness. He is aggressive and represents the ability to reach one's goals.

Badger Zuni Fetish Meaning Badger Zuni Fetish Meaning

There are six sacred directions, each guarded by a prey god (North - Mountain Lion; West - Bear; South - Badger; East - Wolf; Above - Eagle; Below - Mole). It is believed that the hearts of the great animals of prey are infused with a spirit of magic over the hearts of the animals they prey upon. The prey gods are given high rank among the gods. Because of this, their fetishes are greatly esteemed as mediators between people and the animals they represent.

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