Bobcat Zuni Fetish Meaning

Bobcat Zuni Fetish Meaning

The Bobcat is a Zuni prey god and is the elder brother of the Wolf and represents the southern direction in the hunting directional set. In Zuni culture a fetish represents the animal spirit thought to reside in the stone. Prey gods of the hunt are placed in a buckskin bag and carried by the hunter over his heart. The fetish aids in the chase and represents "the roar of the animal" and is also fed on the blood of the slain prey. It is believed that the hearts of the great animals of prey are infused with a spirit of magic over the hearts of the animals they prey upon. The prey gods are given high rank among the gods. Because of this, their fetishes are greatly esteemed as mediators between people and the animals they represent. What is the Bobcat Zuni Fetish Meaning?

Bobcat Zuni Fetish Meaning Bobcat Zuni Fetish Meaning

The Bobcat doesn't have the size or strength of the Mountain Lion and so he is forced to be a clever hunter. He is believed to know secrets and be clairvoyant. An ancient story tells that Coyote and Bobcat often play tricks on each other. Coyote squashed Bobcat's face and tail while he was sleeping; in return Bobcat pulled Coyote's nose making it long and pointy, and tail making it drag near the ground while he was sleeping.

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