Deer Antler - Zuni Fetish Carving

Deer Antler

Drive through the Four Corners area and you are likely to see mule deer, elk and antelope. Did you know that deer antler color can vary depending on the location the deer was harvested from? Variations are usually the result of the amount of oxidized blood left over from velvet shedding and the type of plant the buck uses to help shed it's velvet. The chemical reaction between the blood and sap present in the tree or bush used to rub the antlers can sometimes lead to interesting color variations.

Deer Antler - Zuni Fetish Deer Antler - Zuni Fetish

Fetishes made from deer antlers are considered powerful and highly valued because they once were part of a living animal. Some Zuni carvers will not carve bone or antler, considering the practice as dangerous. Because not every carver is willing to antlers these fetishes are a little more unique and can add an interesting touch to your collection. Mule deer, elk, and antelope are all found in healthy populations throughout the four corners area. Fetish carvers may harvest the deer themselves, or they may buy deer antlers from other hunters and traders.

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