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Dolomite Bear Zuni Fetish Dolomite Bear Zuni Fetish

Dolomite is a sedimentary carbonate rock similar to limestone, but much harder. It has a unique saddle-shaped crystal made of calcium magnesium carbonate. It is most commonly found in areas of Europe (particularly Italy), Canada and Africa. Not a traditional Zuni carved stone, the carvers that do use it like it for its bone color. It can vary in color though, from white-to-gray and white-to-light brown. Less commonly, colors such as red, green and black are possible.

Because it is a hard mineral to carve, it isn't a common material used in Zuni fetishes. Most of the pieces we find are smaller creations. Artists like Abby Quam and Clayton Panteah will often use this unique material. Adding one of these to your collection will likely make it one of a kind.

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