Fox Zuni Fetish Meaning

Fox Zuni Fetish Meaning

In Zuni culture fetishes play an important role. A fetish is a an animal carved in stone, bone or antler. If the animal's spirit resides in the stone it is considered a fetish and is thought to be very powerful. The fox fetish will look similar to the wolf fetish, but will have an elongated, fluffy tail. Typically the facial features will be delicate with pointed ears and noses. What is the Fox Zuni Fetish Meaning?

Fox Zuni Fetish Meaning Fox Zuni Fetish Meaning

The fox represents protection and the ability to blend in, or become camouflaged with ones surroundings. He is quick and observant. He approaches life with amusement and cleverness and can make himself invisible when threatened. He is also loyal to loved ones and full of passion.

it is believed that fetishes require a meal of cornmeal and ground turquoise occasionally.. Fetishes may be kept in a clay pot as it is the tradition. However, collectors usually like to keep theirs somewhere where they can be admired and enjoyed.

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