Godber-Burnham Turquoise (Drycreek)

The Godber-Burnham Turquoise mine is located northeast of Austin, Nevada on Dry Creek. In 1932 Bob Burton and Joe Potts discovered the mine and first claimed it as the "Last Chance.” Later, also being known as the "Blue Stone" and "Homesite" and at one time the "Dry Creek" due to its location along Dry Creek which runs through the Damele horse ranch and then in front of the Godber claim. The mine was later sold to Frank Burnham who it was reported took out more than $100,000 worth of turquoise. In 1934 Burnham sold the mine to Walter Godber.

The Godber-Burnham turquoise ranges from medium to dark blue sometimes with a beautiful spider webbing. It has also been know for a very dark or black mottling forming blotches and veins running through the stone. Godber-Burnham has always been considered a very high quality turquoise. Oscar Branson in his book, ”Turquoise” has called Godber "so hard and compact" and "some of the finest turquoise in Nevada."

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