Harcross Turquoise

The Harcross turquoise group of mines, reportedly discovered by Otto Taubert in 1908, is located in Lyon County, Nevada. Taubert, while looking for gold, found turquoise deposits in the area. He later sold his group of claims to Walter Godber, of the famed Godber-Burnham mine. Godber had come to Nevada from Los Angeles and these were his first Nevada claims. He went on to later operate a number of turquoise properties throughout the State. After over $50,000 worth of turquoise was produced mining stopped at this group of mines as Godber’s attention and resources were required at his other mines.

F.B. Cross and J.J. Harrison later claimed the main mining area in September of 1965 as the Harcross group. Harcross turquoise is very hard and is usually formed in veinlets. It covers a range of most all the colors from blue, bluish green, to every shade of green, mostly with a limonite matrix. The material with a greenish cast can have dendrite markings. Harcross turquoise can be translucent and is one of the harder turquoises available.

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