Our new Native Art Affiliate Program

Grab yourself a discount!

We know that lots of you love Perry Null Trading Company, and that you tell your friends about the amazing pieces that come through our store... now, you can make a percentage off every sale that you generate!

How does it work?

When you sign up for our Native art affiliate program, you gain access to a set of links which you can copy / paste into a blog post, an email or forum signature line, or place on your website as a sidebar ad. Just tell your friends (through twitter, facebook, etc) about your posts, and anyone that clicks the banner ads will be tracked back to your affiliate account. If they make a purchase, you will earn 20% for the referral.

How to sign up for the Native art affiliate program:

If you are not already signed up with a PNTC web store account click here: Affiliate Signup and fill out the information. If you already have a web store account, just sign in here Affiliate Signin and then click the Signup link on the left. We only pay affiliates through PayPal, so the signup process basically just links your paypal email address to an affiliate code. Once you have logged in and signed up for an affiliate account, you should see the following links in the left column:

Clicking on Banners & Links will take you to the page that contains all our pre-created banners which you can copy / paste into your blog posts, etc.

How do I use it?


The best way to post affiliate links is right in the content of the blog post itself. Research indicates that embedded ads / sponsor links get clicked over twice as many times as links and banners on the side or below your blog post.

Regardless of what you write about, placing the banners in the blog post and using a caption of "Visit our Sponsor" or something similar is a good way to generate traffic to your Native art affiliate account on Once you have written the blog post, make sure the generate traffic to the post itself by tweeting it, posting it on your facebook wall, etc. If the post is about a Native American topic, feel free to post about it on our facebook wall.



Many people have a signature line in the bottom of their emails. Regardless of which email provider you use, there is a way to create such a "sig line." It is easy to include a text link in your sig line, and many people can even use image links. We have created two banners and two text links specifically for "low profile" situations like email sig lines.

If you are not familiar with using a signature line, Smashing Magazine did a great article on them a while back: Art and Science of the Email Signature.



Many people are involved in forums about their favorite topic. Most forums allow you to create a sig lines just like you might see in an email. Use the same low profile banners to make an attractive but subtle addition to your forum posts. Creating a forum sig line is very similar in all respects to creating an email sig.


Weather you have a blog or a small family news site or a small business, you can also run our affiliate banners to generate a little extra income off the existing traffic. It might not be reasonable to place the ads directly in the content, but side bars and footers are great places to position a banner for curious visitors.

How do I know if it's working?

When you log into the Affiliate system, one of the links on the left (see image above) is, "Referrers." When you click this, you see which ads brought traffic to the Perry Null Trading site, and you see where they were clicked from (email, web, etc). Not all traffic generates sales, but our affiliate commissions are higher than average to make every sale count. In some cases it is appropriate to remind your reader to "click the banner on your page" whenever the reader wishes to buy through Perry Null Trading. This may increase conversion rates for your ads.

Good Luck!

Best of luck with your affiliate marketing, and if you have any questions, please post them here or in the forum... or email us directly.

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