Owl Zuni Fetish Meaning

Owl Zuni Fetish Meaning

In Zuni culture a fetish represents the animal spirit thought to reside in the stone. It is believed that fetishes require a meal of cornmeal and ground turquoise occasionally.. Fetishes may be kept in a clay pot as it is the tradition. However, collectors usually like to keep theirs somewhere where they can be admired and enjoyed. If you add an owl to your collection you may be wondering what it represents and why it is significant. What is the Owl Zuni Fetish Meaning?

Owl Zuni Fetish Meaning Owl Zuni Fetish Meaning

The owl is the protector of the home and the keeper of the night. He is able to see what others cannot see and is thought to be very observant and perceptive. He is thought to have true wisdom and patience. He controls the dark side of nature.

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