Persian Turquoise

Persian Turquoise in Philander Begay Bracelet Persian Turquoise in Philander Begay Bracelet

Little needs to be said about Persian turquoise, as it was long considered the finest turquoise in the world. It has always been the gold standard of quality. The beautiful blue color of Persian turquoise and its rarity in today’s market makes this wonderful turquoise highly valued. Mines in the northern areas of Iran have been producing turquoise for many centuries. For over 800 years Persia (Iran) produced the bulk of the world’s turquoise using the simplest of hand tools made from stone then later with picks and crowbars. The oldest continuously operated mines known were operated in the Ali-Mursa-Kuh Mountains near Nishapur, Khorasan, Iran. They were known to have operated at least since 1000 AD and it is possible since 2100 BC.

The rich blue color of the turquoise has always been prized and produces superb cabs in its flawless form. Many feel that when Persian turquoise is found in its matrix form with the fine colors of the limonite that it is just as beautiful.

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