Picasso Marble - Zuni Fetish Carving

Picasso Marble

Travel around the Southwest and you will see a variety of landscapes from brilliant red mesas, to dense mountain forests to rugged deserts. It is in this rugged terrain we find this stunning marble, a common stone used in Zuni fetish carvings. Picasso marble, also called Picasso jasper, is mined in the Four Corners area in the Star and Frisco mining areas west of Milford, Utah.

Picasso Marble - Zuni Fetish Picasso Marble - Zuni Fetish

It gets its name from the criss-crossing matrix of black lines that resemble an abstract painting. When cut the marble can look like a dense forest or a mountainside in winter. It is found in a variety of colors from black to grey, white to brown. It is a relatively soft stone. Typically it is opaque with a dull to pearly luster. This is a must-have in any fetish collection.

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