Red Mountain Turquoise

Red Mountain Turquoise In Edison Sandy Smith Bracelets Red Mountain Turquoise In Edison Sandy Smith Bracelets

The Red Mountain turquoise mine produces a very fine turquoise. Known for both the high quantity of small high-grade nuggets that it produced and the beautiful dark blue spider web of its best grades. Red Mountains top material is a hard compact spider web and is equal to any of the classic turquoise mines such as Number Eight, Lone Mountain or Nevada Blue. Besides a dark blue color with a dark matrix the mine produces colors in the blue green range with a stunning gold or rust-colored spider web.

Located in Northern Nevada the mine was owned for many years by Austin Turner. Turner did little mining. Much of the turquoise had been mined before Turner had taken over the claim. From 1982 to 1985 Erman Blossom and his partner leased the mine and removed a fair amount of turquoise. Turner sold the mine in 2003 and today the present owner works the mine a few times a year where turquoise is still being found in the mine’s old dump.

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