Top 5 Destinations Native American Arts and Crafts

With over 40% of the Native American population residing in the western 1/3rd of the United States it makes perfect sense all five cities are in the West, Southwest to be exact. Arizona and New Mexico have great weather in the summer and in the winter. We have a number of different Native American Tribes in both states. With all the visitors coming to the Land of Enchantment and the Grand Canyon State, the local Native American cultures really get an opportunity to share their art and culture.


Sedona, Arizona

Number 5 – Sedona, Arizona

You could search for a lifetime and might not find a more beautiful setting. Sedona sits in a valley surrounded by amazing red rock mesas. The beauty of Sedona’s landscape will amaze you and after that, all of your senses will become heightened. Sedona is filled with some incredible art galleries; from your first moment you arrive, you will understand that Sedona is a Native American art town. You are going to have lots of art viewing options. You definitely want to find the time to visit Hoel’s Indian Shop and Garland’s Indian Jewelry.


Old Town Albuquerque, New Mexico

Number 4 – Old Town Albuquerque, New Mexico

Old Town in Albuquerque will remind you of the Plaza in Santa Fe. This is a place that you can enjoy walking from shop to shop, and if you are getting tired you will find plenty of benches or a café to rest your legs. Old Town has had some legendary shops and you will get a chance to see some great pieces of authentic Native American art. Old Town puts you right in the heart of Albuquerque's best activities. You will find the Museum of New Mexico, Children’s Explora Museum, Natural History Museum and the Rio Grande Zoo conveniently located in the area.


Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona

Number 3 – Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona

Old Town Scottsdale could very easily be a number one Native American art destination. However, it really slows down in the summertime when those temperatures in the Valley of the Sun consistently stay over the 100-degree mark. Native American art is the blood here, and that shows every March when the Heard Museum holds its annual Indian Fair & Market where many of the top names in the industry show off their incredible creations. You will find Old Town filled with shops. Some of them have been there forever and others are new to the game. Remember you are never going to go hungry shopping for Native American art here, because the district is full of great food.


Santa Fe Indian Market

Number 2 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

The architecture is Spanish style in the City Different, but everyone knows who was here first. This beautiful city is all about Native American art. Santa Fe is home to the most popular Native American art show in the land. For instance, the annual Indian Market. Many of those award-winning artists that make the Indian Market so popular also call this city home. Another thing is the Rio Grande River flows nearby and that means many of the famous Pueblo Tribes are near by, they fill the city with magnificent pieces of pottery. Don’t miss shopping at Rainbow Man just off the Plaza to see some great pieces of turquoise. Like the other destinations on this list you are going to start planning your next visit before you leave.


Route 66 Gallup, New Mexico

Number 1 – Gallup, New Mexico

If you are lucky enough to go to the Glittering World: Navajo Jewelry of the Yazzie Family exhibit in New York City it will be something you never forget. One thing you will take away from this exhibit is the reference to Gallup, New Mexico over and over. That is because Gallup is at the heart of Indian Country. The Navajo, Zuni & Hopi Reservations surround this city known for Native American art. It is the main industry of the city and dealers from the other four top destinations make annual trips here to find the jewels that will fill their shops. Gallup definitely doesn’t have that tourist destination feel, but its demographics are majority Native American and it has a very real feel. Everyone in town is an expert of Native American Arts and Crafts and will share with you their favorite Gallup destination to shop.

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