Turtle Zuni Fetish Meaning

Turtle Zuni Fetish Meaning

If you have a turtle or tortoise fetish you may wonder what it represents or why it is significant. What is the Turtle Zuni Fetish Meaning? The turtle is the oldest symbol of Mother Earth and represents longevity and is used for healing. Some believe that the possession of a turtle fetish allows one to defy death. He also represents water, which in the high dessert climate of Zuni is a precious commodity.

Turtle Zuni Fetish Meaning Turtle Zuni Fetish Meaning

In Zuni culture a fetish represents the animal spirit thought to reside in the stone. It is believed that fetishes require a meal of cornmeal and ground turquoise occasionally.. Fetishes may be kept in a clay pot as it is the tradition. However, collectors usually like to keep theirs somewhere where they can be admired and enjoyed. The contemporary fetish may carry an offering of a smaller animal or a prayer bundle. It may be adorned with a heishe necklace, feathers, etchings representing ancient petroglyphs, or an etched or inlaid heartline. These small items, although colorful to the eye, are intended to protect and feed the fetish itself.

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  • I have over 30 turtle fetishes and love every one they intrigued me when I was on the reservation visiting. I collect dragonflies as well but I always look for more turtles!

    Tobbie Bond

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