Bryan Tom, Bolo, Long Hair Kachina, Inlay Shell, Silver, Leather, Handmade, 46in

Artist Bryan Tom made this amazing piece of wearable art. You will spend hours admiring they way he pieces together the coral and turquoise to make the magnificent Long Hair Kachina. You will find the Long Hair bringing prosperity to the crops of the Rio Grande Pueblos and the Hopi mesas. It is a remarkable piece that shows incredible detail The way Bryan finds a shell that is curved and shows the natural shape of a face. Inlaid eagle feathers that hang from the beautiful turquoise face. Bryan finishes the bolo with gorgeous inlay bolo tips and hangs them on a heavy leather braided cord. If you are looking for the unique then check out his other work on the online Trading Post.
Age GroupAdult
ArtistTom, Bryan
AgeCirca 2010's
Item Weight0.7582
Gap in Cuff Style Braceletn/a
Widest Point on Bracelet Bandn/a
Gemtype Stone Shapeirregular-shape
Number of Stones5
Weight Grams193.9
Main StoneMulti-Stone
MetalSterling Silver

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