Tonya June Rafael, Butterfly, T-Shirt

Age Group Adult
Artist Rafael, Tonya
Gap in Cuff Style Bracelet n/a
Widest Point on Bracelet Band n/a
Gender Female

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Tonya June Rafael is a Navajo silversmith and jeweler well known for her vibrant, colorful jewelry. Unlike many artists who choose a more traditional path, Tonya often incorporates the rich purple of sugalite, the indigo blues of lapis and the variegated pinks of spiny oyster shell in her jewelry. She is also well known for her fantastic purses. Truly magnificent, each clutch of sterling silver, encrusted with her signature array of gorgeous precious stone and filigree, is a piece of fine art. Not sure whether these purses are for the woman who likes to keep her purse in a show-case, or for the woman who just likes to be epic on her nights out on the town. Either way, we are fortunate to have Tonya as one of our signature artists!

Thanks, Tonya, for taking the time to make this shirt design for us. Symbols for life (planting), the sun, and a butterfly. I should have asked, but to me it says, "Springtime." Love it!

To see some of Tonya's amazing work, click here!


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