Cecil Ashley, Stoneweaver, Buckle, Deer Dancer, Multi Stone Inlay, Navajo Handmade

Steve Harper is the owner of Stoneweaver. He has assembled a team of artisans that have mastered their craft to offer a line of handmade jewelry that combines a unique style with excellent craftsmanship. In the high mesas of northern Arizona you will find the Hopi. These people have been here for thousands of years, before anyone else was here. The ceremonials that they perform today are the same ones that have been handed down generation after generation. This handmade buckle by Cecil Ahsley showcases a deer dancer with a stalk of corn next to it. On the other end of the buckle you will find a fabulous row of inlay. This buckle is a solid piece of silver that is going to easily accommodate ever day wear or the occasional dress-up piece. If you are wanting a piece that says Native American this is it
Ashley, Cecil
Tribal Affiliation
Bracelet Wrist Size
Gap in Cuff Style Bracelet
Widest Point on Bracelet Band
Main Stone

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