Dan Jackson, Ring, Rug Design, Overlay, Sterling Silver, Navajo Handmade, 10

Tribe Navajo
Age Group Adult
Artist Jackson, Dan
Age Circa 2010's
Item Weight 0.082892416
Gender Unisex
Widest Point on Ring 1
Metal Sterling Silver
Ring Size 10

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In the Navajo culture, life is supposed to be lived in balance, the beauty way or hozho. Navajo silversmith Dan Jackson was taught this from the time he was little, like all Navajo children from a traditional family. He reflects on his childhood when making his gorgeous overlay rug style jewelry. His mother was a weaver and he incorporated those designs he remembers from when he was a child, and I imagine the reflection on that allows him to find the beauty way. This gorgeous ring has a classic Navajo weaving pattern that is created with different textured silver that makes the sterling stamped rug design standout. Dan makes an amazing piece of jewelry that incorporates traditional design with Navajo favorite heavy silver, made to last generations. You will love the look this award-winning artist gives you.

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