Dave Lister, Bracelet, Carved Kingman Turquoise, Traditional Navajo Silver

Tribe Navajo
Age Group Adult
Artist Lister, Dave
Age Circa 2010's
Item Weight 0.74
Gap in Cuff Style Bracelet 1.1
Widest Point on Bracelet Band 3
Bracelet Wrist Width 2.5
Gemtype Stone Shape irregular-shape
Gender Unisex
Number of Stones 1
Weight Grams 187.6
Bracelet Wrist Size 6.75
Main Stone Kingman Turquoise
Metal Sterling Silver

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Lots of time when we talk about turquoise it is the mine the stone came from. However, this time it is all about the unique cut of the rock. Navajo lapidary artist Bryan Tom took the rough piece of Kingman Turquoise and shaped it into this amazing dome cut. Then Navajo silversmith Dave Lister set the huge rock in one of his traditional silver settings. He has used three heavy sterling silver triangle wires to display the rock and surrounded it with twisted wire, drops and stamped cutouts. He finishes with a rustic brushed finish and a fancy scalloped bezel around the stone. If you want to have the most carats in your cuff then I would definitely think about adding this to your collection of growing Native American art.

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