Edison Sandy Smith, Buckle, Revival, Stamping, Silver, Navajo Handmade

Tribe Navajo
Age Group Adult
Artist Smith, Edison Sandy
Age Circa 2010's
Item Weight 0.09457672
Width 2.25
Height 2.4
Gender Unisex
Metal Sterling Silver

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Navajo artist Edison Sandy Smith sold this buckle from his private collection. He told us his sister found the piece in her home and had given it back to him. Edison said he made the buckle in the 1980s. The piece has the wonderful early style with the center open catch. You will see Edison's amazing stamp work has not changed much in the last 30 years. This buckle has wonderful revival bump outs and is filled with deep stamp designs. Edison gives you a very unique style with the buckle, imagine wearing this with your genuine stressed leather belt. A great Southwest lifestyle piece.

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