Hemerson Brown, Phase One Concho Belt, Sterling Silver, Navajo Handmade,

The first Navajo concho belts made had certain characteristics. We call them Phase One belts and you can identify them by the small simple buckle, large conchos and no soldering. Navajo silversmith Hemerson Brown has given his updated translation of those magnificent belts. He has been inspired to recreate this classic, and he has done it very similar to the way the first belts were made. He begins by melting silver and turning those into these large ponchos with a center opening for the belt to weave through. Of course Hemerson has used solder and given his buckle a little more decoration and size than those early pieces, but this belt has a great look and is work of wearable art. We have other work by Hemerson on the online Trading Post, check them all out. Send a message
Brown, Hemerson
Tribal Affiliation
Bracelet Wrist Size
Gap in Cuff Style Bracelet
Widest Point on Bracelet Band
Main Stone

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