Melissa Begay, Navajo Wool Rug Handmade, "Three in One" Weaving 53"x37"

Tribe Navajo
Age Group Adult
Artist Begay, Melissa
Age Circa 2010's
Item Weight 1
Width 37.5
Height 53.5
Gap in Cuff Style Bracelet n/a
Widest Point on Bracelet Band n/a
Rug Dye Type Vegetal Dye (hand dyed)
Rug Handspun No
Rug Material Wool
Rug Navajo Pattern Multi-Pattern
Rug Pattern geometric-pattern
Rug Size 4-footx6-foot
Rug Warp 636
Rug Weft 962
Style 3 in 1 Weaving
Size 53 1/2" x 37 1/2"
Rug Time Period Modern (Post 1950)

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Navajo weavings are recognized around the world. They have become so popular that imitations can be found everywhere in the Southwest. However, you can always tell the difference between an original and a fake, excellence and tradition are almost impossible to reproduce. Weavers draw on their surroundings to make their masterpieces, colors and material are a reflection of the Four Corners. Weaving has been a part of the Navajo culture for a very longtime, but when Traders began to commercialize the craft regional styles became very popular. Ganado Reds, Two Grey Hills, Wide Ruins, Chinle, and Teec Nos Pos are classics and today are woven by Navajo weavers that live outside these regions. Here at the Trading Post we have a section of our showroom dedicated to the Navajo art of weaving and have a nice collection. If you don't find what you are looking for online send us an email and we can help you find that perfect Navajo rug.
Navajo artist Melissa Begay wove this magical rug. It is a 3 in 1 design that draws from a classic earth tone diamond pattern that turns into a vegetal dyed Crystal and ends with a banded style weaving. The rug is woven with churro wool and has a very nice weave. A very balanced pattern that will hang or lay on the floor beautifully.

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