Nancy, Ruddell Laconsello, Animal Concho Belt, Multi-Stone, Zuni

Tribe Zuni
Age Group Adult
Artist Laconsello, Ruddell
Age Circa 2010's
Item Weight 1.7
Width 3.25
Height 2.5
Belt Leather Width 1.75
Gap in Cuff Style Bracelet n/a
Widest Point on Bracelet Band n/a
Concho Butterfly Height 2.5
Concho Butterfly Width 0.6
Concho Height 3
Concho Width 2.25
Gemtype Stone Shape irregular-shape
Gender Unisex
Length 47.5
Number of Stones 7
Weight Grams 619
Main Stone Multi-Stone
Metal Sterling Silver

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Spend sometime in the wide open spaces of New Mexico and it won't be long before you see one of the magnificent animals who roam the Land of Enchantment. The inhabitants of this sparsely populated State are lucky to be surrounded by such beauty. Zuni artists Nancy & Ruddell Laconsello have celebrated Mother Earth's creations with their new concho belt. You will find a variety of stunning inlay pieces on this museum quality belt. It all begins with the Oryx who is found on the majestic White Sands National Monument in the southern part of New Mexico. The Laconsellos' have surrounded the beautiful Oryx with a desert landscape. It becomes the perfect starting point for the other stone works of art. They include the Mountain Goat that is found on the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Magnificent Mule Deer and Elk can be found all over the State. The elusive Desert Big Horn and majestic Buffalo are brought to life in the belt, and what would a drive across the plains of New Mexico be without spotting an Antelope. A variety of stones have been used to make all of the pieces. Unique Mediterranean Coral inlaid flies separate each large animal concho. If you appreciate award-winning Zuni art this would make an amazing acquisition to your collection, and if you are an animal lover I can't not imagine a more appreciative piece of handmade art.

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