Navajo Handmade Bracelet, Nevada Turquoise, Circa 1930s, Museum Quality, 6.5

Tribe Navajo
Age Group Adult
Artist Navajo
Age Circa 1930's
Item Weight 0.189153439
Gap in Cuff Style Bracelet 1.25
Widest Point on Bracelet Band 2.5
Gemtype Stone Shape irregular-shape
Gender Unisex
Number of Stones 25
Bracelet Wrist Size 6.5
Main Stone Nevada Turquoise
Metal Sterling Silver

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In the mid 1800s silver making was introduced to the Navajo by their Mexican neighbors. They took their new skill and mastered it, creating a style that today is recognized around the world as Navajo. The Navajo would then teach their Zuni neighbors and later the Hopi would learn making the Southwest known for silver art. These early smiths did things different then today's artists. Working conditions and tools were very primitive, this is a time with no electricity on the Reservations and scarce materials. Also, in the beginning silver was made and traded locally, no tourist trade, yet. A silversmith was looked at with great esteem and jewelry was a sign of wealth. This bracelet couldn't have a better vintage look. Classic Navajo cluster stones surrounded by very simple and heavy silver. The rocks are pieces of Nevada Turquoise that have an amazing blue and hints of webbing matrix, possibly Lone Mountain. Hammered silver drops surround the stones. This bracelet will wear beautifully and really show off your appreciation of early First American arts.

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