Pablita Quam, Pin, Pendant, Thunderbird, Multi Stone Inlay, Zuni Handmade, 1.5

Zuni artist Pablita Quam made this classic Thunderbird pin/pendant. She has used white shell, yellow shell, jet, coral, and turquoise to make this fascinating figure. Notice how she has raised some of the stones, others left flat, some etched, and others smooth to give the piece amazing character. Zuni art is all about the stone and is very different from Hopi or Navajo art. Hopi jewelry is usually an all silver piece and Navajo likes to be large cabs and big silver. However, Zuni artists concentrate on the stone, something that probably comes out of fetish carving. Many artists make realistic and mystical figures with very little silver work, pieces of stone art. Enjoy the collection we have listed of stunning inlay Zuni wearable art. We are sure you will find something for your collection.
Quam, P.
Tribal Affiliation
Bracelet Wrist Size
Gap in Cuff Style Bracelet
Widest Point on Bracelet Band
Main Stone

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