Gallup Throw Backpack, Woven Rug, Navajo Made, Drawstring 2

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Gallup Throw Backpack, Woven Rug, Navajo Made, Drawstring 2
Gallup Throw Backpack, Woven Rug, Navajo Made, Drawstring 2
AgeCirca 2010's
Age GroupAdult
Bracelet Gapn/a
Widest Point on Bracelet Bandn/a
General Height17
Setting Typen/a
One of a KindTRUE
Rug Dye TypeAniline Dye (commercial wool)
Rug Time PeriodModern (Post 1950)
Water Resistancenot_water_resistant
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It is very common for a nice Navajo weaving to cost into the thousands. Even at the end of the 19th Century when Indian Traders were developing a Navajo rug market the cost of the weavings would be out of reach for many. To give Native American art enthusiasts a hand woven rug they could afford the Gallup Throw was introduced. This rug was different because it had a cotton warp and many times was left unfinished with fringes hanging at one edge. Today the Gallup Throw is still being woven. However, it is now done mostly by older Navajo women, and one day we probably wont see many of these weavings. It is lots of work for a piece of handmade art that doesn't demand a high price tag, and that is why it might not be carried on by the younger generation. We have decided to take this popular weaving and turn it into a backpack. Something that you can use daily, look very stylish and it gives you the opportunity to share a part of Native American culture many people don't even realize exists. The backpacks are handmade, and just like the weavings no two are ever exactly the same.

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