Ruddell, Nancy Laconsello, Bolo, Parrot, Inlay, Silver, Zuni Handmade

Tribe Zuni
Age Group Adult
Artist Laconsello, Ruddell
Age Circa 2010's
Item Weight 0.096119929
Width 2
Height 2
Gemtype Stone Shape irregular-shape
Gender Unisex
Length 44
Number of Stones 4
Main Stone Multi-Stone
Metal Sterling Silver

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If you want to see a parrot in this part of the world you have to either go to a zoo or one of the few Mexican restaurants that have one as a pet inside their lobby. The lack of parrots in New Mexico hasn?t stopped Zuni artists Ruddell & Nancy Laconsello from being inspired by these magnificent creatures. This gorgeous bird has been made from colorful cuts of blue Arizona turquoise, black jet, white and gold shell. The bird sits on a green branch that is decorated with blossoms and leafs, plus a Zuni inspired border frames the stunning parrot. All of the work is done in classic mosaic inlay. Heavy silver houses the rich stones and Ruddell has used a braided leather cord and sterling silver tips to finish the piece.

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