Sally Black, Navajo Handmade Butterfly Basket, 20.5 in x 21 in

Tribe Navajo
Artist Black, Sally
Basket Construction Method Coiled
Age Circa 2010's
Item Weight 2
Width 21
Height 20.5
Gap in Cuff Style Bracelet n/a
Widest Point on Bracelet Band n/a

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Navajo artists weave their culture into their amazing art. Storytelling is how the Navajo pass their believes and traditions from generation to generation. Stories find their way into silver jewelry, pottery, rugs and baskets. Basket weaving predates rugs and jewelry making for the Navajo. You will find basket weavers like Peggy and Sally Black revolutionizing the Navajo basket style with their bold designs. Many of them tell traditional stories, while others simply are an expression of the beauty that is found on Navajo land. Look for the other talented Navajo basket weavers we have on the online Trading Post like Bernita Benally.

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