Stetson Setalla, Hopi Hand Coiled Pottery, 9.75 in x 15 in

This is the first time we have had Stetson Stella bring his work to the Trading Post. We usually see work by his brother Dee Stella, and we are very excited to know have the work of Stetson. His style of work is very similar to his brothers, and you will be amazed by the size of this jug. You will find his paintings have many traditional designs as well as some very contemporary looks. Unlike many Hopi pottery artists Stetson is a male, which makes collecting his work add a dimension to your collection. Price reduced from $840 to $500 because of chip.
ArtistSetalla, Stetson
AgeCirca 2010's
Item Weight10
Gap in Cuff Style Braceletn/a
Widest Point on Bracelet Bandn/a
Pottery FiringKiln Fired
Pottery PeriodContemporary (1990 - Present)
Pottery DesignBowl
Pottery TypeHand Coiled

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