Stetson Setalla, Hopi Pottery, Hand Coiled, Large Bowl, Natural Colors, 7.5 in x 12.5 in

Hopi artist Stetson Setalla makes incredible pieces of handmade Hopi pottery. His pieces combine classic Hopi techniques with his bold sizes and paintings. Stetson fills his work with incredible designs and colors. We are always impressed by the size of his work, he is creating those hard to find big works. Make sure your check out the online Trading Post for of Stetson's work, also take the time explore the work of his brother Dee Setalla.
ArtistSetalla, Stetson
AgeCirca 2010's
Item Weight3
Gap in Cuff Style Braceletn/a
Widest Point on Bracelet Bandn/a
Pottery FiringKiln Fired
Pottery PeriodContemporary (1990 - Present)
Pottery DesignBowl
Pottery TypeHand Coiled

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