Zuni Handmade Pin, Pendant, Sunface, Inlay, Sterling Silver, Signed LL

Age GroupAdult
AgeCirca 2010's
Item Weight0.009920635
Gemtype Stone Shapeirregular-shape
Number of Stones4
Main StoneMulti-Stone
MetalSterling Silver

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Sometimes it is those wonderful small pieces that really show off your appreciation of handmade Native American art. This gorgeous pin/pendant combines black jet and turquoise perfectly and turns it into something that can be worn on clothing daily. The piece shows the initials of the artist on the backside, L.L. The Zuni Sunface is a very familiar design in our area. We all know that the Zuni and Pueblo cultures are a farming people, very different than the nomadic Navajo, and the sun played a vital role of their daily lives. So, it is logical that the sun plays a vital role in Zuni culture. That is celebrated in Zuni art where you will find the Sunface decorating clay, wood, and silver.

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